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3rd Album" SEA"
March23, 2011
2,800 yen of including tax
Gyoko market and CD shop
Fisher, Diver, Surfer, and Thaler … And, the sea bather.
Epic of masterpiece dedicated to all people who love seas.
From "Fish Rock" to "Sea Rock" …
The further navigation that was able to be peeled off starts over there of the horizon.
"Akihabara siege"

May 4, 2014
Open port 17:30/Start18:00
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3/30 to Goodman e-mail notification
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Akihabara CLUB GOODMAN http://clubgoodman.com/ BELLRING Syojyo Heart / Space Kung Fu Man/
Yuru Mermo!(Hako Mermo!) / Hakoniwanoshitsunaigaku / DJ:MOGU@I / Gyoko
"Live street corner and Communication U style Vol.42"
May 15, 2014
Open port 18:30/Start19:00
Urayasu Shimin Plaza Wave101 http://www.urayasu-kousha.or.jp/wave101/
U-style navigator Yoichiro.Masataka Ishioka
"Day when fish disappears from sea in the earth vol.27"
May 28, 2014
Open port 19:00/Start19:30
Shinbashi ZZ Yasuhiko Fukuda(Daiz Representative/keyboardist)/
Tsurizao Morita
Katsuhiko Ueda (Fisheries Agency)
*WEB type fishery*
"Logbook of Tsurizao Morita2"

It is serializing it

Captain MORITA's Official blog!!
"Logbook1" is here

Serial end
The publishing sentence is being
navigated in the past.

Choice Brog of captain Morita
"Nuetra" Inavigating with WEB site The Cabinet Office Long interview publishing of captain Morita in special interview corner
"Evening newspaper Fuji"
navigating with WEB site
Evening newspaper Fuji
Captain Morita publishes the interview in the piipuru corner
"want to live in this town" navigating with WEB site
AOL Tsurizao Morita guides the town in local Urayasu in AOL HOUSE&LIVING
in the AOL site
"CD Journal.com" navigating with WEB site CD Journal Morita captain interview publishing
"Detour Japan" navigating with WEB site Detour Japan Morita captain interview publishing
"KOKOROZASHI The state of things
A cheering party"
September 2, 2009 KOKOROZASHI The state of things A cheering party Morita captain interview publishing
"Foreign Correspondent" The streaming can watch by "Japan Fishing" in the WEB site. Australia ABC GYOKO was covered from the document program of the tuna in Japan in Australia ABC
"Report width Japan and Tuesday" Discharging with SO-TV
(Please see the website in detail)
Japanese culture channel cherry blossoms SKYPerfecTV! 241ch (happiness 241) OA end Caster: Kazuo Miwa and misa sakurahayashi
"Miho Takagi close to you"
broadcasting by the podcast.
Guest appearance of Tsurizao Morita
"TV5MONDE(French international broadcasting station)" navigating with WEB site French TV5web The GYOKO live report digest version by the TV bureau in France is being navigated with WEB
"FOODEX JAPAN" navigating with WEB site Stickam The animation of 'FOODEX JAPAN' to allow the Morita captain to help was improved. It goes out to various places and look for, please. Kujiratarou (apprenticeship) is also must see.
"rurubu Ibaragi’11" now on sale
bookstore and others.
JTB publishing "GYOKO" has eaten in the fishing port.
"The Ann Coe pan of a home and ultimate Kitaibaragi is This. "
"It is surprised for the individuality sect seafood bowl in the Nakaminato fish market. " Turizao Morita are People fish!
in Kitaibaragi, Oarai, and Hitachinaka.
USTREAM Departure
"Live coverage of GYOKO's 3rd album 'SEA' departure commemoration electronic brain real-time talk "
http://ustre.am/qYxN JOLLS4F The other side under production of 3rd album'SEA' of GYOKO is delivered with USTREAM with the guest formation. Please note seasickness. Please enjoy their true opinions.
"Sea Rock from Fish Rock"
GYOKO interview 
WEB site OTOTOY Morita captain interview publishing
*CD and DVD another broadcasting fishery*

November 3, 2004(Wed)
1500 yen(including tax)
Universal music Japan

It is putting it
on the market in
GYOKO market and
whole country CD shop.

Tsurizao Morita solo works vol.1

January 18, 2005(Tue)
1000yen(including tax)

It is putting it
on the market
in the GYOKO market.
1.ARATO (Roughness whetstone)
2.NAKATO (Inside whetstone)
3. SHIAGETOISHI (Finish whetstone)
- With bonus track

TOISHI is a meaning of whetstone.

May 25, 2005(Wed)
1260yen(including tax)
Universal music Japan

It is putting it
on the market in
GYOKO market and
whole country CD shop.
1. KATSUO Cut down! Dried bonito
2. KATSUO Japan! Bonito samurai
(A man who wins)
3. KATSUO Departure highway. Paragraph
First Album

2007,May 23
2800yen(including tax)
DAIZ Corporation
distributor:BounDEE inc
It is putting it
on the market in
GYOKO market and
whole country CD shop.
<collection fish>
1.Bonito<Katsuo> departure highway (excitement)
2.angler<Anko> waits
3.Salmon<Sake> toast
4.Japanese cypress<Sawara> spring-urara
5.Yellowtail<Buri> Rest of fishing boat
6.Octopus<Tako> OkutopadonVS earth defense ship The third Izuginmaru
7.Sea bream<Tai> Congratulations
9.Bonito<Katsuo> MEN dried bonito (Live at karaoke snack)
10.Tuna<Maguro> space colony head hohoniku2
11.Herring<Nishin> (fry) (Bonus Track)
12.Catfish<Namazu> (fry) (Bonus Track)
Kagoshima Prefecture Makurazaki City
Commemoration CD during transmission 300-dried bonito year
"Makurazaki. Samurai Katsuo"
2007,June 5, 2007 Not for sale 1. Makurazaki! Samurai Katsuo
2. Makurazaki! Samurai Katsuo (danced flower Katsuo ver)
3. Makurazaki! Samurai Katsuo (karaoke)
2nd Album
2,800yen(including tax)
DAIZ Corporation
distributor:BounDEE inc
It is putting it
on the market in
GYOKO market and
whole country CD shop.
<collection fish>
1.Catfish <Namazu> The Great Japan Islands Earthquake of 20XX
2.Scabbard Fish <Tachiuo> Evanescent Tale of the Mystic Samurai Blade
3.Whale <Kujira> Sumo wrestlers VS Spout Referee
4.Herring <Nishin> Caviar Obstetrician Dr. KAZUNOKO
5.Dolphin <Iruka> Dolphin Night Dance
6.Flying Fish <Tobiuo> Wave Jumping Guitar Dude
7.Horse Mackerel <Aji> Flying Aji Fried
8.Tuna <Maguro> Earth Invasion! General MAGUROH SHOGUN
9.Earth Defense Ship Third IZUGINMARU "Encounter With The MAGUROH SHOGUN"
10.Earth, Planet of Water, "The Globe"
11.Fish Heaven <Fish Baseball>
12.Tsurizao Morita s' Storefront Announcement
iTunes Music Store Delivery

United States/Canada/Britain/
Australia/New Zealand/


"Mystery!! ghost snack raid!"

Sale 3,990yen(including tax)
King record Ltd
Man's graveyard production
It is putting it on the market in whole country CD shop etc
Morita&Shinkai appearance work for 2006/color/78 minutes.
- Collection of privilege image of Morita and Kujira appearance.
"Lonely Planet's Six Degrees"

now on sale
Lonely Planet SHOP

Lonely Planet Discharge decision of program of
Australia Lonely Planets
where collection fishing at the end of the
year before last exists by
32 countries in the world.
Please confirm a detailed schedule by
Each bureau the Channel schedule.
DVD of this program is being put on the market.
The order : from amazon.com etc. please.
"Electric acefinal~Let's live comfortably~"
Sales & rental inside Roland film Supervisor: Minoru Kawasaki
Screenplay: Reijiro Katou/Minoru Kawasaki Producer: Kenichi Kumagaya/Sakuma Shinichi
Appearance:Yuichi Nango/Reijiro Kato/Jiro Takano/Junichi Hirata/Hurricane Ryu/Maiko Hori/Emi Ota/Sumiko Nishioka/Masami Horiuti/Daiji Kazumine(Guest appearance)
GYOKO performs as army corps "MAGURO and the gang" of evil.
Other manufacturer ring tone melody and karaoke are being discharged.
Please continue your favors toward the request by the television radio and the cable broadcasting.